Prices and Packages
Yearly Program Fees
1 Program Package $175
2 Program Packages $320
4 Program Packages $560
6 Program Packages $720
12 Program Package $1200
* Digital Player Not Included

To be most effective you should choose your program package based on how often you change your promotions or product lines.

All packages include a holiday program at no charge. The holiday program consists of one of your previous programs with a holidy greeting and a change of hours if appropriate. It will also feature holiday music.

A program is 3 to 5 minutes in length and consists of 4 to 8 messages or up to 32 lines of script using a 12 font on your computer.

The digital players recommended by On Hold Providers are "state-of-the-art" utilizing the latest available technology. They are simple to install and easy to operate.

Meet Our Voices.
On Hold Providers features a diversified voice talent bank allowing our customers to match a professional and appropriate voice to their business. View our talent database
Pete Koneda
Mr. Koneda is an experienced multi-media voice talent.... More
Joyce Garcia
Ms. Garcia is a voice over veteran and has several years... More